High-Quality, Portable Trailer Light Testing Equipment

Our mission is to make roadworthiness inspections more affordable and efficient. Our high-quality, portable testing units allow for rapid trailer inspections on a variety of trailer types, including those with 4-Flat, 7-Blade, 7-Pin, and 7-Way connections.

Adding Value

LightsOn handheld testing devices allow mandated Department of Transportation inspections to be completed with an 80% savings in labor over current methods. Plus, affordable unit pricing allows for these efficiences to be achieved cost-effectively, even on a large-scale.


Experience | Expertise | Entrepreneurial


William Doolan

Chief Executive Officer

William is a superior developer of solutions to achieve efficiency and an experienced executive in logistics and intelligence for the US Army.  A small-town Iowa boy with Midwestern work-ethic and ingenuity, his ability to fill a need with a product, then create users, is innate.


Billy Kesselring

Chief Operating Officer

An inventor, real estate investor, and US Army Major with 3 combat tours and 17 years of operations, logistics, and executive leadership experience.  The son of a career Army Non Commissioned Officer, Billy grew up in the Midwest with a strong work-ethic and commitment to the American Dream.